Husaini Serapi HS2006

Husaini Serapi HS2006

Serapi Blue Red Green Gold

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SKU Code : HS2006

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Serapi rugs have a few very distinct characteristics that set them apart from other Oriental rugs and make them easy to identify.These rugs usually feature a large, boldly colored central medallion. The medallion is typically made up of an assortment of colors, most of which belong to the warmer palette. They also have large, conspicuous corner-pieces, which are filled with foliage and angular oak leaves. Heriz rugs are loosely knotted using the Turkish knot, with a knot count that ranges from about 40 knots per square inch to about 100 knots per square inch. Weavers used a finer knotting fine hand spun New Zealand. These are light antique wash treated rug with shine. Blue Red Green Gold
Material- Hand Spun Woo
Construction -Handmade
Technique- Hand-Knotted
Color- Red Gold Blue Green
All sizes

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