Ways to set up Home Furniture

Ways to set up Home Furniture

5 ways we ensure that you have options on certain ranges to make them truly yours.

1. Make Your Home Colourful

Colour has different meanings to people or different cultures. It's a way of expressing yourself and making a statement. Royal Home Shop offers you a variety of colors, on selected products, to help you find your perfect match.

The Athens Occasional Chair is the perfect example of this, as it comes in different colors.

2. Find Your Fabric

You can choose your comfort and look with different fabrics. Choose between full leather or leather uppers. Selected furniture is available in different upholstery finishes. Choose between a luxurious leather finish or an easy going fabric.

You can also find the right color for your home. The Nicola 5 Piece Corner Lounge Suites is available Taup, Rust, Blue Rose etc.

3. Relish the Recline

Nothing is better than getting home after a long day and relaxing on a recliner chair. How about those lazy family days watching your favourite series or a movie? Who gets to sit on the recliner, and who sits on a normal couch? With various recliner suites available at Rochester, and the custom order option of 3 or 5 reclining chairs, you will find the perfect fit for the family.

4. Combinations to Make it Your Lounge

3-2-1 lounge suites are the status quo. You don't like to follow the crowd though and want to make your living room your own. You might not even have enough space for a traditional 3-2-1 lounge suite or in some instances have too much space! You can customise your lounge and make it your own by buying selected pieces separately.

A smaller space might need a couch with an occasional chair. Larger lounge areas can either add a couch or occasional chair to a traditional lounge suite.

5. Custom Corner Couches

Corner couches or daybeds are fantastic additions to your lounge area. They fit perfectly into your corners, creates more space, and is great for Sunday naps! At Rochester, our daybeds and corners are available in left or right hand facing configurations for the full customization experience.

Customized furniture offers you a means of ensuring that your home is an authentic reflection of who you are, an echo of your personality, a way of communicating your character to everybody who experiences your space.

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