Selecting A Right Rug

Selecting A Right Rug

There’s nothing worse than having to leave your warm, cozy bed in the morning and stepping out onto a floor that has practically become a sheet of ice overnight. A cozy rug under your bed will not only prevent cold feet in the morning, but also go a long way toward muffling sound and providing an extra level of texture and color to the room.

With all the variation present in bedroom shapes, sizes, and furniture layouts, knowing what size of bedroom rug to get and how to place it in your room can be a challenge.

No matter what individual needs you may have, keep these rules of thumb in mind: the bed should always be the focus of your room and any rug you put under the bed should extend 18-24 inches beyond its edges.

On the first point—since the bed is the focus of the room, the rug should be used to accent it. Place your rug under the bed or beside it and size it according to the size of the bed. If your bedroom is large enough for a separate sitting area or vanity, use smaller accent rugs to define these spaces separately. Simply centering a large rug can make your furniture layout look off-balance.

Creating an 18- to 24-inch border around the rug means you’ll always have something soft to step on as you climb into or out of bed. If you have a bench at the foot of your bed, the rug should extend beyond that as well.

Rug Materials and Styles-

The bedroom should be a sanctuary. A personal retreat for some reprieve against the stresses of your day. That means the best bedroom rugs will prioritize comfort and their owner’s personal style. Since the bedroom is typically a low-traffic, private space, it’s perfect for plush, high-pile or even shag rug. Polypropylene and wool are both hard-wearing, durable, and soft rug materials perfect in this setting.

To keep things interesting, create some contrast between your rug the rest of your décor. For example, if you have patterned bedding, it’s a good idea to choose a solid rug or one with simple designs to help it pop. If you have solid-colored bedding, consider a patterned rug to add some visual interest.


The only caveat is if you have a very large rug. If this is the case, consider neutral colors to maintain a sense of calm and avoid overwhelming the rest of the space.


Placement in Bed Room-

There are three main ways to place a bedroom rug: with the bed fully on the rug, the bed partially on the rug, or with runners at the side of the bed.

If your budget and space let you do it, placing the bed and all its accompanying furniture (nightstands, benches, etc.) fully on the rug makes a dramatic statement. If you go this route, just remember to keep all four legs of your nightstands on top of the rug! Letting two hang off will mean the surface will not be level. You don’t want to spill your bedside glass of water in the middle of the night!

Having the rug only under the bottom 2/3 of the rug is a great way to get away with using a smaller, less-expensive rug or avoid overwhelming a small space. In this layout, nightstands should be placed fully on the floor behind the rug to make sure they’re level.

A less common but still great option is to use runners alongside your bed. This is a great option in smaller rooms, especially if you need to place the bed in a corner and don’t have space for a full-size area rug. This looks best when the runner is slightly wider than your nightstand and does not extend past the foot of the bed.

Bedroom Rug Sizing

When it comes to sizing a rug for your bedroom, the best place to start is with the border rule—choose a rug big enough for an 18- to 24-inch border around the edge of your bed. With a standard-sized bed, you can use this chart to find the right size of rug for you:

Bed Size

Rug Size

Full (53” x 75”)

6’ x 9’

Queen (60” x 80”)

8’ x 10’

King (76” x 80”)

9’ x 12’

Of course, these sizes should be treated as guidelines—the rug you choose is up to you! A good technique to help visualize your rug in your space is to use tape or a bedsheet to outline the size of your rug. That way, you know you’re getting the perfect size before you buy!


Never ignore a Rug Pad-

It’s tempting to think “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to rug pads. While a pad might seem insignificant, this small detail can transform a good rug into a great one. Mostly used to keep rugs from slipping, rug pads have several other benefits.

Bedside runners should always be anchored with a rug pad—the last thing you want when you get up in the morning is a nasty fall when your rug slips out from under you!

While a rug placed fully under your bed likely won’t slip too often, a premium felt-and-rubber rug pad can still help prevent bunching and provide an extra level of comfort and noise absorption.

Finding the Best Bedroom Rug Online

At this point, you should have a good foundation to start your search for the perfect bedroom rug. Just remember that when it comes to bedroom rugs, there’s no wrong answers! Your bedroom is your personal space and should reflect your personal style. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little!

When you’re ready to find your new bedroom rug, look no further than! We have thousands of rugs in stock in every size and style. So, whether you are looking for a bedroom rug or another room, you’re sure to find the perfect one online.

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